Namaste and greetings!

Life is the Tantric Dance with the cosmic rhythms and flowing energies~

It has been an honor to be a choreographer and soul dancer with source energies and to co~facilitate collaborative and solo dancing with 7 billion people and infinite souls~

One of my profound tantric partners and pranic yogis were my serpent guides, over the course of 15 years~

Since then I have refined and integrated the art of Tantric dance and choreographies~

I have had the honor of teaching, sharing, demonstrating and dancing with individuals, couples, families, groups~

at all kinds of sacred events

with forces in life and with the elements.

my bio is a testament to the evolution of my dance~

Dance is a eloquent graceful word I use to describe embodied consciousness within our civilization as well as beyond it~as an esoteric experience; a mystical soulful journey

Whether you are referring to the Tantric dance as spiritual, physical, sexual or cognitive …the intentions are the same:

health, intimacy, bliss, peace, surrender, detachment, compassion, beauty, unconditional love, forgiveness, harmony, healing, awakening, oneness with all beings, oneness with spirit, grace, living in awe, witnessing and honoring all that is~

Since 1999, together you and I have  performed and choreographed Tantric Dances in many places, events and spaces

In 2006 we added TantricTheatre.com as well~

Tantric Dance is dedicated to inspiring the conscious arts and the shiva~shakti dances invoking  rythms, textures, kinesis and embodied waves of source energy in motion, cosmic energy and the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Feel free to inquire about co-creating or booking Tantric Dances for events of all kinds~

Blessings as we all grace the paths..


Dr Lisa Alchemy Devi